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Rowing Inflatable Boats

Do you miss the family fun and classic designs of the past? Check out our recreations boats based on some of the most proven designs from your childhood.

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Motor Inflatable Boats

Are you a competitive boater? We design custom, high-performance boats to meet your every need.

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Rigid Inflatable Boats

If you’re like me, you love going outdoors but need more speed and safety than with a typical boat. That’s why we started using rigid hull on our designs.

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Model K-290T
Model KM-330CTL
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Welcome to the KOLIBRI BOATS inflatable boats!

Thank you for visiting our web site. KOLIBRIBOATS.CA is an accredited, official dealership for North America, located in Canada. KOLIBRI boats are manufactured in Europe, Ukraine.  Our products are made according and meet  ISO/D 6185 part 1,2,3 standards. During production we use only high quality PVC material:

- density 750 gr/m2 - (Rowing Boats K190-K230) 
- density 950 gr/m2 - (Rowing-motor Boats K240-KM330)
- density 1100 gr/m2 - (Keel Boats  KM-300D-KM450D)
Boat components are bonded, welded using computer controlled technology.
Seams are reinforced on both sides inside and outside of the balloon.
Boat pontoons are divided by partitions, pressurized chambers. Partitions are the cones, which stabilize pressure between chambers. Rowing boats have 2 , motor boats have 3 or more chambers. This type of construction protect boat from damage, keeps pressure balance and positive buoyancy.
Our boats come with three-years warranty for material and glued seams, one year for accessories and parts. KOLIBRI guarantee, that each new boat is high quality, free from defects in material and workmanship. Only boats sold by authorized dealer are covered by the warranty. Warranty is valid from the date of purchase, after its successful on-line activation.
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